The OpenCms module mechanism

OpenCms offers a module mechanism which provides an easy and convenient way to bundle and distribute templates and other functionality. A module usually consists of a set of templates, images, Java classes or libraries and other resources that depend on each other and thus should be distributed together.

Modules are managed in the OpenCms workplace in the Administration view under the option "Module management". You can create, import, export or delete modules there. A module in a running system is a set of resources (folders and files) in the OpenCms VFS. If you export a module, all resources that belong to the module are written to a single ZIP file, including system settings required by OpenCms for the module to run.

You can import a module ZIP created this way in another OpenCms system with the module import option. The module ZIP file will then be unpacked and it's content will be copied to the specified location in the OpenCms VFS. Information about all installed modules is stored in the file /WEB-INF/config/opencms-modules.xml, located in the OpenCms servers web application context.


Module management options

The following documentation describes how to create and manage modules in OpenCms:

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Learn how to create a new module in OpenCms.

The subfolders of a module follow specific conventions.

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