The img() method

This method allows the server side scaleing of images.



Name Description
java.lang.String target The VFS-Path to the image to scale.
org.opencms.loader.CmsImageScaler scaler  The configured image scaler to scale the image.
java.util.Map attributes Additional image HTML attributes.



Name Description
java.lang.String target see above
org.opencms.loader.CmsImageScaler scaler  see above
java.util.Map attributes see above
java.lang.boolean partialTag If true, the opening "<img" and closing ">" is omitted.

Example usage:

Include the direct edit scriptlet.

org.opencms.jsp.CmsJspActionElement cms = 
new org.opencms.jsp.CmsJspActionElement(pageContext, request, response);

org.opencms.loader.CmsImageScaler scaler = new org.opencms.loader.CmsImageScaler();

                     scaler, new java.util.HashMap(), false) );