Index source configuration

An index source is a configuration of Cms resources to be indexed.

<indexer class="..." />

Configuration nodes

  • the <name> node gives the index source a unique name. the value of the <source> nodes in an index configuration and the value of a <name> node in an index source configuration have to match
  • the <indexer> node specifies the package/class name of the indexer used to pull the content of Cms resources into Lucene index documents using the document factories configured in the documenttype nodes
  • each <resource> node specifies a Cms resource (typically a folder) to be indexed, including it's full site root
  • each <name> node below the <documenttypes-indexed> node specifies the name of a resource type to be indexed within the specified Cms resources. the value of a <name> node here has to match the value of a <name> node configured above in the <documenttype> nodes.


This example shows how to configure the index source for all VFS resources in the default site:

<indexer class="" />

Available indexers

    is used to index VFS resources