The <cms:info> tag

This tag prints various runtime information about OpenCms and the underlying Java/servlet/OS environment.

Other property values than OpenCms that are passed to the tag are routed to a standard System.getProperty(value) call, so you can also get information about the Java VM environment, using values like java.vm.version or

If the given property value does not match a key from the special OpenCms values and also not the system values, a (String) message is returned with a formatted error message.


Name Description Required
property Specifies which runtime information should be printed. The following properties are currently supported:
  • "opencms.version": show the OpenCms version
  • "opencms.url": show the URL to the current file
  • "opencms.uri": show the URI to the current file
  • "opencms.webapp": the name of the web application
  • "opencms.webbasepath": absolute path to the web application
  • "opencms.request.uri": the OpenCms request URI of the current file
  • "opencms.request.element.uri": the OpenCms request URI of the current element
  • "opencms.request.folder": the OpenCms request folder

Here are some examples for system properties which are routed to the System.getProperty(value) call

  • "": name of the used Java VM
  • "java.vm.version": version of the used Java VM
  • "": information on Java VM
  • "java.vm.vendor": vendor of Java VM
  • "": name of the current operating system
  • "os.version": version of the OS
  • "os.arch": architecture of the OS


This tag has no body content. 

Example usage:

Print the OpenCms version:

<cms:info property="opencms.version" />