Which URL to use to access WebDAV

The URL you have to use to access OpenCms through WebDAV depends on your settings.  The server, the port and the web application are the same as for normal use of OpenCms. Only the last part of the URL differs from accessing the OpenCms workplace. For the workplace this is alway "opencms" as defined in the web.xml. For the WebDAV access this is "webdav" which is configured in the web.xml as well. The defaults are

Workplace login:


The server, the port and the name of the web application you have to replace with your server, port and web application name where OpenCms is running.

The login procedure and default site and project

The access to the servlet is secured with Basic Authentication. So you have to provide a user name and a password to login to WebDAV (and OpenCms). The user name and the password are the same as login into the workplace.

After successfully login you see the resources in the site, that the (OpenCms-) user has set at the default site using after login. (See Preferences->Workplace and the settings for "Start with site"). The same procedure is used for the project that will be used. This comes from the setting "Start with project". So if you wish to use a different site or a different project, just change your preferences and re-login to WebDAV.


  • File and folder names:
    Keep in mind that is not allowed in OpenCms to create files or folders with special characters (like space). If you try to create, copy or move a file or a folder to a name containing such characters, they will be translated according to the configuration. WebDAV clients are not refreshing the files after changing or creating. So you will see the original name you chose (with the special characters) until you make a refresh of the files. Especially while creating new folders with the WebFolders in Windows (new folders are named "New Folder", containing a space), you will face that problem.
  • XmlPage, XmlContent and Resource Types:
    Actually it is not possible to create new or copy files of type "xmlpage" or "xmlcontent", because the resource type is chosen depending on the file extension of the file to create. You can find the mappings of the file extensions to the resource type in OpenCms in the configuration file "opencms-vfs.xml". If a file extension cannot be found in the mappings a file of the type "binary" will be created.