Available datatypes for XML contents

When creating XML contents, different data types can be used according to the requirements of the desired content. To each data type, a default widget is mapped which creates the input element (e.g. a text input field) for the form based XML content editor.

OpenCms provides the following data types for XML contents:

Data type Description Default widget
OpenCmsBoolean Used to store a boolean value like  true or false. If not set, the default value returned is false. BooleanWidget
OpenCmsColor Used to store a color value in the hexadecimal HTML format #RRGGBB . ColorpickerWidget
OpenCmsDateTime Used to store a date/time information. DateTimeWidget
OpenCmsHtml Fields of this type provide the possibility to store text including HTML markup code formatting. HtmlWidget
OpenCmsLocale Stores Locale information, possible values are e.g. "en" or "de". StringWidget
OpenCmsString Stores short Strings which need no HTML formatting. StringWidget
OpenCmsVfsFile Stores links to other files in the VFS of OpenCms as absolute paths. VfsFileWidget

For each of the above described data types, a default widget is mapped. There are several other widgets available for usage in the XML content editor.

Editor widgets for the different data types

Data type Description
BooleanWidget Generates a check box input element to change the value of a boolean data type.
ColorpickerWidget Provides a text input field for manual input and a color picker popup to select the color with the mouse.
ComboWidget Provides a combo widget looking like a select box with the possibility to enter a value instead of selecting an option.
DateTimeWidget Provides a text input field and an option to open a JavaScript calendar to select the date and/or time more comfortable.
DisplayWidget Provides a display only widget.
DownloadGalleryWidget Provides a text input field and the possibility to open a download gallery for direct selection of the desired download file.
HtmlGalleryWidget Provides a preview frame and the option to select a HTML snippet from a HTML gallery.
HtmlWidget Shows a WYSIWYG text area with formatting options to create formatted texts.
ImageGalleryWidget Images from an OpenCms image gallery can be selected when using this widget. A preview option is also given after an image was chosen.
LinkGalleryWidget Links from the external links galleries can be selected with the LinkGalleryWidget.
MultiSelectWidget Provides a widget for a standard HTML form multi select list.
SelectorWidget Provides a select box for choosing one out of a given range of options. A description how to configure a select box widget is given later in this documentation.
StringWidget A simple text input field is generated when using the StringWidget.
StringWidgetPlaintext Provides a simple text input field that strips HTML Tags from the input before storing the value.
TableGalleryWidget Tables from an OpenCms table gallery can be selected. The table HTML is pasted in the content field.
TextareaWidget Provides a textarea with 4 lines for longer unformatted text inputs.
TextareaWidgetPlaintext Provides a textarea for longer unformatted text inputs that strips HTML Tags from the input before storing the value.
VfsFileWidget A text input field with the option to open a file selector popup window to select a file from the OpenCms VFS is generated.

For a demonstration of the different editor widgets, have a look at the widgetdemo file  /xmlcontent/widgetdemo/widgetdemo_0001.html and edit it (only available if the module  org.opencms.frontend.templateone.xmlcontentdemo is installed).

Learn in the next step about advanced configuration options of XML contents by using the  appinfo node in XSDs.