Flex examples 2

These examples and tests where developed for testing the OpenCms JSP integration with the WYSIWYG editor and other items.

The classic basic example, using JSP in OpenCms.

This test will generate an exception and call a custom JSP error page. The error page can be directly accessed here.

This test shows the use of sendRedirect() on a page together with the FlexCache. It will redirect the request to the 'Hello, World!' example page. This redirect is also cached in the FlexCache (if it is enabled).

This test reads all properties of a file with the readProperties() method, also searching all parent folders.

This test uses the getContent() method to read the contents of a processed JSP page and a plain text file which are then used as a String.

A test for the use of the template() method selecing different elements in a complex inclusion scenario.

This simple demo shows how to use JSP elements in an XMLTemplate.

The templates in the example application are build simply by using this common include file which builds the navigation and foot.

This example shows how to use the OpenCms file properties to build a dynamic directory overview page (actually, this page you are looking at right now).