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<%@ page session="false" import="org.opencms.jsp.*" %><%--

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try {
     * This is a simple example on how to build a dynamic navigation using JSP in OpenCms.
     * It serves the purpose of demonstrating 
     * the general way to build a dynamic navigation using OpenCms resource properties.

    // Create a JSP action element
    org.opencms.jsp.CmsJspActionElement cms = new CmsJspActionElement(pageContext, request, response);
    // Get the current folder name
    String filename, foldername, filenameparam;
    filename = cms.getRequestContext().getUri();
    if ((filenameparam = request.getParameter("filename")) == null) {
        foldername = org.opencms.file.CmsResource.getFolderPath(filename);        
    } else {
        foldername = org.opencms.file.CmsResource.getFolderPath(filenameparam);
        String foldernameprop ="target", filename);
        if (foldernameprop != null) foldername = foldernameprop + foldername;  
    String rootFolder = "/alkacon-documentation/";
    String moduleFolder = "/system/modules/com.alkacon.documentation/";
    String showsource ="showsource", filename, "no");
    String targetframe = request.getParameter("targetframe");
    if (targetframe == null || "".equals(targetframe) || "null".equals(targetframe)) {
    	targetframe = "_self";
    // Start to build the navigation
    CmsJspNavElement element = null;

    // 1: Backlink to overview
    if (! foldername.equals(rootFolder)) {      
        element = cms.getNavigation().getNavigationForResource(rootFolder);        
        if (element.isInNavigation()) {
            out.println("<p class=\"navtop\"><a class=\"nav\" target=\"_top\" href=\"" +
       + "index.html") + 
                "\">[" + element.getNavText() + "]</a></p>");

    // 2: Headline for current folder navigation
    element = cms.getNavigation().getNavigationForResource(foldername);
    if (element.isInNavigation()) {
        out.println("<p class=\"nav\"><b>" + element.getNavText() + "</b></p>");        

    // 3: List of all pages / subfolders (sorted by NavPos property)
    java.util.List list = cms.getNavigation().getNavigationForFolder(foldername); 
    java.util.Iterator i = list.iterator();

    while (i.hasNext()) {
        CmsJspNavElement ne = (CmsJspNavElement);
        if (!ne.getNavText().startsWith("??? ")) {
        	if (! ne.isFolderLink()) {
           		if (! ne.getResourceName().equals(filename)) {          
                	out.println("<p class=\"nav\"><a class=\"nav\" href=\"" + 
                    	"\" target=\"" + targetframe + "\">" + ne.getNavText() + "</a></p>");
            	} else {
                	out.println("<p class=\"nav\">* " + 
                    	ne.getNavText() + "</p>");          
        	} else {
            	out.println("<p class=\"navfolder\"><a class=\"nav\" href=\"" + 
        ) + 
                	"\">> " + ne.getNavText() + "</a></p>");     
    if ("yes".equals(showsource)) {
    // 4: "Show Source" link
    out.println("<p class=\"navsource\"><a class=\"nav\" href=\"" + + "showsource.jsp") + 
        "?filename=" + filename + "\">" + 
        "[Source of this page]" +

} catch (Throwable t) {