OpenCms Workplace

The OpenCms Workplace provides access to the OpenCms file system. Using the workplace, you can create, modify or delete pages, as well as change the structure of the website.

Use the following link to access the OpenCms Workplace:



At each page of this demo, you will find red boxes like this one used to explain the OpenCms functions used to create the page.

Welcome to the OpenCms Demo

This demo presents various features of OpenCms 7. The topic of the demo is "the wonderful world of flowers"


At each page of this demo, you will find red boxes used for explaining the OpenCms functions used for creating the elements of the page.


This demo was created using Template Two, a configurable template intended to be used as a starting point for developing your own web site with OpenCms. The look of the template can easily be changed using the configuration settings in the _config_ directory.


We hope you have fun discovering the possibilities of OpenCms, as well as the "wonderful world of flowers".